July 13, 2023

Silicom introduces its new Madrid AI-H Solution

Edge AI Analytics solution powered by Hailo-8

Silicom is introducing the new Madrid AI-H Platform, a powerful and versatile solution that combines the exceptional computational capabilities of the Intel ATOM C3758 processor with the cutting-edge AI acceleration of the Halio-8™ AI mPCIe accelerator card.
The Madrid AI-H platform is designed to empower organizations with advanced AI capabilities at the edge, delivering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and power efficiency.

The integration of Madrid AI-H with Hailo’s TAPPAS applications software includes a user-friendly GStreamer-based set of fully functional application examples that incorporate pipeline elements and pre-trained AI tasks.
These examples are based on advanced Deep Neural Networks that exhibit the highest throughput and power efficiency of Hailo’s AI processors.


Use cases:

  • Object Detection
  • Instance Segmentation
  • Pose Estimation
  • Facial Detection and more
Silicom Madrid AI Edge solution powered by Hailo 8


Silicom Madrid Edge AI H solution

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