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High-precision 5G whitebox solutions make COTS-based open virtual RAN viable


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Silicom’s 5G Time SyncE Solution



Silicom’s 2.5G universal CPE | The most advanced Atom® based appliance




Intel Ships First 10nm Agilex FPGAs

Participants in the early access program include Colorado Engineering Inc., Mantaro Networks, Microsoft and Silicom.

Intel Ships First 10nm Agilex FPGAs



Silicom’s Edge Solutions based on Intel® Technology

Silicom’s uCPE based on the Intel® technology product line is a highly flexible network edge device that brings the agility of modular LAN, WAN, management, and compute to cost-sensitive applications in SD-WAN, CPE, Security, Small Cell, MEC, vRAN, Cell Site, Cloud Edge, Aggregation Router and IoT.




PacketMover FPGA Acceleration

by Henrik Lilja, FPGA Solutions

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Silicom Ltd. Connectivity Solutions named one of the Top 10 Ethernet Solution Providers of 2019

by Enterprise Networking Magazine

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Silicom’s FPGA Solutions based on Intel® Technology

Silicom’s FPGA solution is based on the Intel® FPGA Arria® 10 and the Intel® Ethernet Network Controller XL710 Dual Port 40G, a leading controller in the market, and makes use of all of its features.




Silicom Connectivity Solutions announces Intel® Select Solutions for uCPE at the Big 5G 2019




OCPSummit19 Silicom Ltd. present Accelerated uCPE Powered by Modularity