FPGA Intel Based

FPGA Intel Based

To assist engineering of customer specific solutions, all FPGA cards from Silicom are supplied with a basic platform that includes a sample design. This platform enables the engineers to easily connect to any sub-system (other hardware as per the above) residing on the card.

Silicom’s FPGA SmartNICs based server adapters are used as integrated components in areas such as:

– Security – hardware-based encryption is hacker proof

– 4G/5G networking. Specifically, within vRAN/ORAN architecture

– Data Center networking, acceleration of virtual switching (OVS and similar), storage acceleration, traffic distribution

– Broadcasting, compression, and specific protocols lend themselves for hardware implementation

– Industrial automation, low latency control logic is essential in next generation industrial systems

– High Frequency Trading, in particular sub microsecond trading scenarios are dependent on the FPGA technology residing close to the Ethernet connector