Silicom capture solutions is based on the fbCAPTURE framework which combines the power and flexibility of FPGAs and a software API, that utilises the full potential present in a range of FPGA based network interface cards from Silicom.
Silicom’s capture solution is designed with a combination of a powerful FPGA and large amounts of high speed onboard memory. Combined with optimal host system connectivity though PCIe Gen3, it ensures zero packet loss and capture to host memory even at line rate performance.

With a comprehensive range of capture cards, Silicom portfolio meets the demands set by cutting edge appliances. Through flexible distribution mechanisms, from basic 2-tuple distribution to Sessions based GTP distribution, Silicom capture solution offer essential offloading and scalability options to set appliance evolution on a path exceeding that of network demands.

The fbCAPTURE API is common for all the capture cards for 1GE, 10GE, 40GE and 100GE line rates. The common API simplifies system integration greatly, as support for multiple network rates and port densities can be achieved with the same integration efforts.