Programmable NPU Server Adapters

PE310G4DE4816BI-A Network Adapter

Quad Port 10GbE Broadwell DE In-Line System on NIC Network Adapter

Silicom’s Broadwell DE System On a NIC (SoNIC) is based on Intel BDW-DE System on a Chip (SoC) Xeon D-1500 Processor. The Silicom’s BDW-DE SoNIC is targeted for network applications offload, such as multiservice Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS / IPS), unified threat management (UTM), Deep packet inspection, VPN/Firewall/IDS systems, and any other offload packet processing PCI Express adapter.


PE310G4DE4816BI-A Network Adapter

Quad Port 10GbE Broadwell DE In-Line System on NIC Network Adapter

Key features:

  • Based on Intel® Xeon® SoC Processor D-1500 Product family
  • 14nm Intel Haswell Microarchitecture
  • SoC One chip Solution, Integrated PCH technology, Intel Ethernet, BGA package
  • HW and SW scalability, x86 architecture, 2C – 8C, Up to 45W TDP
  • SoNIC mains SKUs
    • In-line, Ethernet 2x10G connection to the host server
  • Two channels of 64bit DDR4 memory with ECC, 16GByte total, 1600-2400MT/s
  • Quad SFP+ 10GbE IO port
  • 1GbE Ethernet management port
  • M.2 SSD SATA Card slot, 3 SATA Ports, SPI Flash, 128Mb
  • On Board Micro-BMC Controller
  • BIOS: Coreboot, Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP)
  • OS: Fedora release 22, Kernel 4.1.3 on M2.SSD
  • Form Factor, PCIe Standard height Long (9.84” x 4.2”, 250mm x 106.7mm), x8G3, 1 slot wide, (with passive heatsnik)

Adapter Features:

  • Programmable (x86) Intelligent Quad Port 10GBE PCI Express x8 Gen3.0 NIC
  • Front End Packet Processing Offload
  • Based BDW-DE SOC, 2- 8 Core Intel@ Xeon (14nm) CPUs
  • Xeon Class Server Feaures
  • X86, C-programmable, flexible
  • SMBUS/NC-SI support
  • Ability to SW reboot the device. SW power down/up the system
  • On board based management, control fans, monitor temperature
  • Remotely manageable
  • The best industry performance per watt

Target Applications:

  • Network application accelerator offload
  • Data Center Accelerator offload
  • Security / Compression Accelerator offload
  • Storage Accelerator offload

PE310G4DE4816BI-A Network Adapter

Quad Port 10GbE Broadwell DE In-Line System on NIC Network Adapter

Intel Xeon Processors (embedded in Broadwell-DE SoC)

  • 2 to 8 core devices supported
  • 45W (and lower) SKUs supported
  • 32KB Instruction and data caches, 256KB mid-level cache, and 1.5GB last
  • level cache units per CPU core
  • 46 bit virtual and physical address spaces per core
  • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology supported (2 threads per core)

Processor Memory

  • 2 Channels of 64 bit DDR4 memory with ECC
  • 1600 to 2400 MT/s memory speeds supported
  • Single rank per channel
  • Nine 8 bit devices soldered directly to PCB (i.e. memory down) per channel

Network Interfaces
Quad SFP+ 10Gb Ethernet module slots

  • Accessible on the front faceplate
  • SFP+ MSA SFF-8431 compliant
  • Power Level II modules (1.5W max) supported
  • Link/activity LED per module slot (LED is located on the PCB, visible via holes in the metal bracket holder)

Dual 10Gb Ethernet virtual ports (In-line version only)

  • 10GBASE-KR interface between controller and Broadwell-DE SoC

1Gb Ethernet Management port

  • RJ45 (with integrated LEDs) accessible on front faceplate


Storage Interfaces and Devices
M.2 SSD SATA Card slot

  • SATA revision 3 6Gb/s rates supported
  • Type 2242 –D2-M-x form factor supported SATA Ports
  • SATA revision 3 6Gb/s rates supported

SATA revision 3 6Gb/s rates supported

  • Three 7 pin vertical data connectors located on PCB toward the rear of the card

SPI Flash, 128Mb

  • For storing BIOS/BSP code
  • 2×4 pin header and isolation circuitry provided for in circuit programming of the Flash device

Board Management
Two options for on board management: Nano-BMC or a Remote Thermal Monitor/Fan Controller IC

  • Board management scheme selected through a jumper on board
  • Control and monitoring of two on board fans
  • Board thermal monitoring including access to Broadwell-DE SoC internal temperature data
  • Voltage monitoring of various rails
  • Ability to remotely reboot or power down the board
  • Access to boards FRU EEPROM
  • Slave SMBus interface for access from the PCIe card interface
  • Monitoring of Broadwell-DE SoC power state and thermal status


  • Low cost design based on the NXP LPC1768 microcontroller
  • Access provided through a NC-SI interface to the 1Gb Ethernet controller
  • Serial BMC and Intel console ports for debug (accessible through USB2.0 interface utilizing a 5-pin header on board as well as remotely through an IPMI client “serial over LAN console”)
  • Slave SMBus interface for access from the PCIe card interface

Remote Thermal Monitor and Fan Controller (On Semi NCT7491 or equivalent)

  • PECI 3.0 Interface compatible
  • On−chip Temperature Sensor

Peripheral Interfaces
3 USB 3.0 ports

  • One accessible through the front faceplate (Type-A right angle connector)
  • Two located on PCB toward the rear (Type-A vertical connectors)

Debug Interfaces 

2 Extended Debug Ports (XDP)

  • One for the CPU cores side of the Broadwell-DE SoC
  • One for the PCH side of the Broadwell-DE SoC
  • Samtec 60 pin BSH-030-01 series connector for each (not populated in production)

2 virtual serial ports via a USB2.0 Interface

  • One serial port for Micro-BMC console and programming
  • One serial port for an Intel console interface sourced from the Broadwell-DE SoC (this console port can also be connected to the Micro-BMC to be accessed across the Ethernet management port as selected through a jumper ) 
  • Micro-B USB right angle connector located along the top board edge

55W typical (75% utilization), 73W Thermal Design Power (max), 173W Peak

  • 12VDC through a 6 pin connector (Molex 45558-0003 or equivalent) located on rear edge of board
Form FactorPCI Express Add-in Card, standard height, full length
Dimensions9.84” x 4.2”, 250mm x 106.7mm
PCIePCI Express x8 Gen 3.0
Operating Temps0C to +50C (Passive heatsink used requiring 200CFM across the heatsink in the direction of the fins. two PCIe slots)
Storage Temps-20C to +65C
Operating Humidity0% to 90%, non-condensing


Operating Systems Support

Operating system support:Linux
Fedora release 22
Kernel 4.1.3 on M2.SSD
BIOSCoreboot, Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP)

PE310G4DE4816BI-A Network Adapter

Quad Port 10GbE Broadwell DE In-Line System on NIC Network Adapter




PE310G4DE4816BI-AQuad 10GbE BDW-DE In-Line System on a NICPCIe: X8 G3
Netowrk IO: 4x10G
DE48: Broadwell DE D-1548, 8 Cores, TDP
Quad 10GbE BDW-DE In-Line System on a NIC
45W, Core Freq 2.0GHz.
8B: 16Giga Byte, DDR4, Speed grade B 2133
I: In-line



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