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pfSense Based BMC Module

  • Open-Source, Low-cost, RESTful BMC based on pfSense security gateway software
  • Targeted at NFV edge appliances
  • TI ARM Cortex-A8 module
  • Security and extensibility of pfSense are foundational to MicroBMC
  • Alpha sampling now, Production and open collateral posting Q1 2017
  • Development Kit available
silicom microbmc
silicom micro bmc 2


pfSense Based BMC Module

General Technical Specifications

Form Factor:27mm x 54mm Module

TI AM3352 ARM Cortex-A8, including crypto accelerator, 300 or 600 MHz (The following specs are for ADI's TI A8 based MicroBMC module)

Intel Quark X1000 module under development (implementation-dependent specs may vary from the following)

DRAM:256 or 512MB DDR3, memory down

Integrated on-board 3-port managed GbE switch

Two external 1GbE switch ports on module connector for external management port and connection to main system CPU

Flash:eMMC on-board, 4GB (custom build options support up to 64GB)
Voltage Monitoring:

8x motherboard power supply voltage monitoring analog inputs

Expandable with optional analog MUX on motherboard

Fan Control:2x independent PWM output / tachometer inputs fan channels
PSU Monitoring:4x PSU powergood inputs
GPIO:8x user-defined digital I/O pins
RTC:Yes, for timestamp of FRU EEPROM event log entries
Virtual Media:USB device connection to host CPU for USB boot over LAN
CPU Status Monitoring:Sleep S3, S4, S5 indicators

PROCHOT#, THERMTRIP# thermal indicators
CPU error indicators
Platform reset
CPU Power State Control:

Reset button control

Power button control

Heartbeat Monitoring:Software GPIO on host CPU drives watchdog input on µBMC

Bus 0 (master). Onboard FRU EEPROM, connectivity for motherboard discrete thermal sensors and other devices

Bus 1 (master). Access to PECI SMBus slave inside host CPU. Used for monitoring CPU die temperature.

SPI:Used to access host CPU boot flash for remote BIOS updates
EEPROM:32kB I2C EEPROM on board, for management event logging
Power:3.3VDC and 5VDC
Temperature:Operating: 0-70C
Storage: -20-85C
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