November 05, 2020

Silicom Ltd. has introduced the new Vigo DU

DU 2U Xeon-D2100 Intel® Based



Vigo DU 2U offers Edge Services for the Wireless 4G/5G market, the ability to host virtualize RAN (Radio Access Network) with a focus on L1 High-Phy and L2 MAC/RLC.

Vigo design is optimized for the Disaggregated RAN market as a virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU) with acceleration to High-Phy and specifically FEC.

Vigo also enables hosting a virtualized Central Unit (vCU) service that processes the L2.

Vigo design was designed in light of TIP and O-RAN recommendations and include capabilities dedicated for 5G market, such as nanosecond accurately time sync network interface cards and FEC offload.

2U Vigo DU

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