June 30, 2023

Silicom introduces its new Marbella AI-F140

Edge AI Analytics Solution powered by Intel® Flex140 GPU technology


Silicom’s Marbella AI-F140 stands as a groundbreaking advancement in Edge AI Analytics Solutions, powered by the Intel® Xeon-D processor and Intel® Flex140 GPU technology. By seamlessly integrating this innovative platform with the Intel® Flex 140 Card, a new era of power efficiency and profound data insights is ignited.
The synergy between Marbella and Intel brings forth an Edge AI solution that skillfully manages diverse workloads while maintaining peak performance and uncompromising quality.

Edge AI Intel

The Marbella Edge AI solution excels in its adaptability, seamlessly handling a range of workloads while maintaining high performance and excellence.
This capability extends to optimizing the overall cost of ownership across a wide range of cloud-based tasks. Marbella’s solution effectively addresses the entire spectrum of emerging cloud use cases.


Marbella Edge AI IntelFlex140 GPU


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