August 09, 2021

Silicom Ltd. introduces the new Oxford Intel® FPGA-Based

Programmable Acceleration Card


Silicom’s Oxford FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card based on Intel® FPGA is a highly customizable platform which enables high-throughput, lower latency and high-bandwidth applications. It allows optimization of data plane performance to achieve lower costs while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.

End-to-end industry-standard and open-source tool support allow users to quickly adapt to evolving workloads and industry standards.


Targeted Workloads
• Virtual Broadband Networking Gateway (vBNG): H-QoS, Classification, Policing, Scheduling and Shaping
• Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC), 5G Next-Generation Core Network (NGCN)
• Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
• Segment Routing for IPv6 (SRv6) Vector Packet Processing (VPP)
• Virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN)

FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card Oxford card

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