April 20, 2016

Silicom Ltd. introduces the 25 Gigabit Dual Port Server Adapter Broadcom® based | PE325G2SPB34

Silicom Ltd. introduces the 25G SFP+ Server Adapter Broadcom® based.

Silicom Ltd. Connectivity Solutions today announced that it has released its new dual-port fiber SFP+ 25G Ethernet PCIe Server Adapter Based on Broadcom® BCM57304 controller designed for servers and high-end appliances.

The new PE325G2SPB34 Dual Port server adapter offer simple integration into any PCI Express X8 to 25 Gigabit Networks.

More information about PE325G2SPB34 Network Interface Card & 25 Gigabit NIC’s.

Silicom PE325G2SPB34 New Product

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