February 14, 2023

Silicom Ltd. has released its new P4CG2BPi81 Bypass Server Adapter

Dual Port Fiber 100 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Gen 4.0 Bypass Server Adapter – Intel® E810 based

Silicom’s P4CG2BPi81 Bypass Server Adapter, a dual-port 100G Ethernet PCI Express based on the Intel® E810, is designed for inline/high availability network systems to maintain network connectivity even when the system fails.

The P4CG2BPi81 Bypass Server Adapter’s 100G Ethernet capability enables extremely high-speed network transfers, and is easily integrated into any PCI Express X16 to 100 Gigabit Network. It is ideal for applications that require managing large amounts of data, such as high-performance computing and big data applications.

P4CG2BPi81 Bypass Server Adapter

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