July 11, 2016

Another “Cloud” Win for Silicom: SD-WAN Pioneer Designs in Silicom’s Intel-Based Encryption Offload Cards

– Customer Purchases to Ramp Up to ~$1M/Year –

KFAR SAVA, Israel— July 11, 2016 , – Silicom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC) today announced that it has received a first Design Win from a new cloud solution customer, a technology leader in the emerging SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) arena.

The Design Win is for an Intel-based encryption offload card that the customer will use to boost the throughput of its server-based solutions. The customer has already placed an initial production order and forecasts that its run rate will ramp up gradually to a level of approximately $1 million per year. In parallel, the customer continues to engage in discussions with the Company regarding the use of additional Silicom products.

“Several years ago, when the Cloud space began to heat up, we foresaw the need for ‘industrial strength’ hardware offload capabilities to handle the immense traffic levels that were projected to develop – especially for crunch-heavy operations like encryption,” commented Shaike Orbach, Silicom’s President & CEO. “This Design Win, together with the other Design Wins that we have achieved with Cloud players and the many conversations that are underway – confirms our vision and the potential for our offload products to help fuel our growth. We believe that we are on track for penetrating additional SD-WAN players, and proud that our innovations are helping the Cloud deliver on the dream.”




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